Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prayer warriors

(Camy here.)

Got any prayer warriors?

Even if you don’t have any problems in your life (or you don’t think you have problems), prayer warriors are a must.

Numero uno) They keep you accountable. Newsflash—you’re the last person who thinks you’re backsliding. Trust me on this, I speak from experience.

You don’t want to be stuck in a ditch before you realize that hey, I haven’t been listening to God lately and maybe I should do something about it.

People who pray regularly for you—like once a month or once every two weeks—can sense when things aren’t well between you and God. And it’s healthy when you’re sharing a prayer request and realizing there are some things maybe you aren’t comfortable sharing, or maybe are a bit ashamed of.

Two) They encourage us. If something does happen in our lives, it tends to hit us like a pickup truck into the passenger side door—sudden, hard, and out of nowhere.

If you have a group of prayer warriors who meet regularly, then you can call an emergency meeting and get some prayer ASAP. You won’t believe how much it helps to have people pray for you as soon as something goes on.

Setting up your prayer group:

Pick people who don’t have loose lips. You want to entrust your deepest secrets and worry someone else will hear about it.

Ask first, and don’t get your panties in a wad if they say no. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to join a prayer group.

Pick a time and place to meet regularly. Preferably the same place, or a rotation of set places. Pick a time most people can meet most of the time, and don’t reschedule too often if a few people can’t meet. Meet at the set time with whoever’s free.

Finally—pray! Pray often. Pray sincerely. Pray for good life.

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Anonymous said...

That's such a COOL idea! And so many, many people I know that need prayer...so I have question: do you think that same concept would work in the virtual world??