Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm getting confused

How about you? I've been reading blogs and trying to figure out who wrote whay. So right off the bat I am going to say, "Hey, it's me! The Dragon Lady."
I forgot to mention last week that I ran into a neat writer whose books are specifically for teens and mysteries. Her name is Nancy Lindquist. She writes under N. J. Lindquist. Two of her books won awards at the conference. They were Shaded Light and More than Friends. If anyone has read these, I'k love to hear what you think.

I spent two hours on Friday and two hours on Saturday at a Denver library with some aspiring teen writers. They were awesome. They had me laughing when it was their turns to put on the dialogue demonstration.

How many of you are writers? Can you share some places on line that encourage teen writers and are a safe place to hang out?

I have to go write now. I've done too much traveling, had too much fun, and spent too much time recovering from traveling and fun.

Next week I have a booksigning. Booksignings are either a blast or a bust, depending on who shows up. I'll tell you about it next week.

Donita K. Paul, who intends to cuddle up with my laptop and see if my hero gets the map.

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