Friday, July 29, 2005

The Least Likely

Janet's mouth fell open as she collapsed into her chair.

Her high school buddy smiled at her reaction. "Yep, you heard right," she said. "I've become a follower of Jesus."

"But ... but we used to argue for hours about Christianity," Janet stammered. "I figured you'd be the last person on earth to place your faith in Jesus. If I remember right, you almost had me convinced I was wrong by the end of every conversation."

"No, I didn't. You never let go of the truth, Janet. You were steadfast. And you prayed for me, admit it."

Didja guess the identity of Janet's buddy? Yessir, she was talking to MOI, her agnostic classmate who pursued philosophy and intellectual debate full throttle in high school (see photo of me at fourteen above). You can read about how I discovered that Jesus wasn't just for white people while I was in college. Before you head away from here, though, think of the least likely future-follower-of-Christ in your life. Take a moment to pray for her (or him). And don't worry about sounding stupid when you talk about Jesus. God can use sacrifices, even ones that seem feeble and blundering to us, to bring about miracles. Especially when it comes to someone unlikely, like me.

MAZURI (peace in Swahili) from Mitali, who's heading to Africa for three weeks, so I'll catch you guys later ...

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