Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh really? With me? WOW!

Hey all! I'm fresh in from beautiful Denver. Some part of me comes alive when I'm there. Last night I couldn't sleep because dreams of what I can and want to do for God rolled through my mind and heart.

Do you dream? I think one of the saddest events in anyone's life is when the stop dreaming. When they forget to wait on God (or they forget that God is still there). It happens, you know. What are your dreams? What has God placed on your heart? What he is awakening inside of you?

I'm going to be very real here and say that I dream small. I don't mean to, but God always surprises me. Perhaps it is because I look at my dreams through my eyes or my abilities. And then when the proverbial door opens or the idea ignites or the dream takes shape, I look up at my heavenly father and say, "oh really? with me? wow!". And then like a child with a Christmas gift I watch as the layers fall away to reveal the surprise inside.

I've learned over the past 10 years that God can fulfill his dreams and hopes through any person who will take the gifts he has given us and run with them. Am I afraid? Absolutely! Every single time I stand in a front of a crowd of women or teens or parents, I go back to that same feeling of smallness until I feel the nudge of bigness that resides inside of me.

Then I do it afraid. I trust that God knows better than me the dreams of my soul and what he has for me.

I'm dreaming again today and I'm dreaming bigger than I have in a long time and it's a bit scarey. But once again I'm unwrapping that gift and I can't wait . . .
to see what is on the inside. Where I'll probably say, "Oh really, God? With me? Wow!"

T. Suzanne Eller (Suzie)

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MommyCool said...

Seeds start small too, just like dreams. But God can make the end result much bigger than any of us can imagine! Just keep on dreaming...