Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Travelling out of your Comfort Zone

I leave early Thursday morning for Atlanta to attend a huge secular sci-fi/fantasy convention. I went last year and realized how isolated I've become in my Christian environment. I was shocked by the things that some people find entertaining. But, I have to admit, I had a ball.
The people at this "Largest Con" in North America are nuts. Most of them are nice nuts. They dress like Worf from Star Trek or Princess Leia from Star Wars. Some speak Clingon. A group walked in and they were the characters from Lord of the Rings. Some are fairies, or elves, or munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. The costumes are incredible.
There are all sorts of workshops and sessions where you can hobnob with people who are as absorbed in the same interest as you are.
And then there are the sad people. The ones that make my heart hurt.
One was a transvestite. This man, dressed as a woman, was in a very liberal place where no one would condemn him, lecture him, point out the problems of his soul. This was one place where he could dress as he liked. And you know what? He wore the most pained expression.
I was waiting to meet someone in the lobby, so I had time to watch him unobtrusively. His expression changed from disgusted to deep sadness and anger. All within about fifteen minutes. It was pretty obvious that I was waiting for someone, but he just seemed to be strolling around watching other people.
How ironic that he could dress as he wanted here but couldn't find joy. A lot of the people passed, talking animatedly, laughing, showing off their costumes. The transvestite walked among them in the midst of their exuberance and stood out, not for his dress and high heels, but for the unhappiness on his face.

I think we all want to be accepted for what we are. But you know, Jesus accepts us as we are, but won't let us stay what we are. He gives us hope to conform to the image of himself. I'm so glad.
I'm not inclined to wear men's clothing, but I am inclined to whine, to procrastinate, to avoid people who are a nuisance. I hope to be more like Jesus tomorrow. And the day after that? Even more like my Saviour.

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