Monday, August 22, 2005

Trying something new...

I took my six year old daughter to an audition last night. It was at a local dinner theatre and she heard about the auditions the day before when we went to see a children's show there. It was her idea to go and for a girl that can be shy and skittish about trying new things, I agreed to take her.

I think it's so great to try new things. We don't know what might stick if we never try it. My parents weren't very adventurous and because we moved around like crazy people (12 schools by the time I hit eighth grade) I really never got the chance to try many things.

I was never able to stay with sports I started. I started playing the violin in one school only to have to give it up at the next one because they didn't have an orchestra. It was frustrating and I was never able to get good at anything.

Now, even though I'm grown with kids of my own, I love to try new things. I know I'll never be great at them, but I do it for the sheer joy of learning something new.

For example, right before my kids were born, my husband and I went white-water rafting. My parents thought I was nuts (and figured I'd probably fall out of the boat), but we went and had an amazing time! We've been multiple times since and every time it's been challenging and totally exhilirating.

So when my kids want to try something new, I try to let them. I still have lots of things "on my list" that I want to try...

Do you? I wonder sometimes why we think about what we'd like to do, then never get around to actually doing it.

So my challenge to you on this beautiful Monday morning is this...try something new. Join a new club. Learn a new sport. Make a new friend. You just might like what you find!


Samantha said...

Like learning Spanish! Man, it's crazy hard, but it's going to pay off after the three classes I have to take, I'll be able to speak with people one on one with out a translator on my mission trips. Totally makes it worth it!

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Good for you! I took French in high school. How useless was that:-)