Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Call. The Need. The Answers.

Every day I receive emails from teens:

How do I forgive?
I want God, but I don't want God. Does that make sense?
The Bible says that we can know God. What does that mean really?
I read your testimony and now I'm crying and I don't know why. Is this God?

What I've decided is that people are hungry for answers, even if they struggle to ask the question. Even if on the outside they don't look like they want faith or God.

This conclusion changed my ministry some years back. Every time I speak to a group of teens, I do so knowing that on the inside there is a person of faith waiting to connect with God. When I talk one on one with a teen (or adult) whose lifestyle says I don't need God, I ask the Holy Spirit to help me love that person in a way that they'll consider the reality of God's love.

In our faith we sometimes get so wrapped up in church stuff that we forget the call on our lives to share good news. That good news is for people who may never show up at your church, so you need to show up in their lives.

This morning as I taught DEEP (I'm a discipleship pastor for a college ministry) I asked them to consider three things:

1. The call
2. The need
3. The answers

We are all called to share the gospel (aka good tidings). Whether it is spoken or unspoken, there are thousands who are seeking God. A recent poll among those who don't attend church or profess to be Christians expressed that 83% would go to church or have a conversation about faith if someone would only ask.

And last. We don't have all the answers and never will, but we do have the answer -- God loves you and wants to know you. We have our stories of faith, our testimony. We have answers that just might be the answer to prayer for someone asking questions about God and faith and life.

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