Thursday, October 20, 2005

What's Your Favorite Way of Worship?

How do you like to connect with God? Do you enjoy sitting in a quiet room with your Bible and a notebook to jot down your thoughts?

Maybe you like to play your music real loud and sing along?

I have a friend, Will, who loves to hike in the mountains. He senses God's presence with him as he moves amongst creation.

Or there are those who fell closest to God in a beautiful cathedral, for it is there they sense God's closeness and majesty.

There's a book I'm reading that I JUST LOVE called "Sacred Pathways" by Gary Thomas. It was recommended by Rick Warren in "The Purpose Driven Life." Gary Thomas wrote Sacred Pathways because he feels that one reason many Christians become discouraged with their devotional lives is because they've adopted a narrow, cut-and-dried approach--one they're not wired for as individuals.

And from this book, here is my favorite quote:

"Unless you happen to be born into just the right tradition [of worshiping God], you're brought up to feed on somebody else's diet. Unfortunately, some Christians have a tendency to question the legitimacy of any experience that may not particularly interest them. Instead of says, 'That's not for me,' they proclaim, 'That should be for anybody'."

So how about it? What is YOUR favorite way to connect with God? It may be different than that of your parents, or even your friends. The hymns may not work for you. Then again, loud praise music might be the thing that turns you off. Either way, I encourage you to find the way that you best connect with your Lord and Creator. Don't give up just because your way is different from someone else's. God made us as individuals and finds a way to meet with each of us individually.


mrs b said...

didn't grow up with hymns, but just recently God has used "recontructed hymns" to draw my heart to His.

Indelible Grace and Red Mountain Church band are 2 groups that are making the powerful hymns of the past alive to folks today with the new tunes to ancient texts.

mrs b said...

another good book by Gary Thomas that God has used in my life is "Sacred Marriage, what if God designed marriage more to make us holy than happy".

T. Suzanne Eller said...

I love this, Tricia. It's awesome.

Spatula said...

My favorite way to worship it to just close my eyes and let His presence wash over me. It's like a natural high. Some of the best times of prayer are just lying in bed, completely relaxed, with Him there with me. And those nature walks are wonderful reminders of just how awesome He is.

Tricia Goyer said...

Just last week I was at a Christian convention. For four days we had wonderful praise and worship with some well known singers, yet I felt God closest when I'd returned home and met him in the quiet of the morning. When I sit there, and imagine myself bowing before His thone--that is when we connect.

Kev said...

Music and nature are my main methods.
Music, some hymns and some modern praise/worship, but not all of either.
The beauty of a mountain scene or the leaves changing color on my street - nature really does it for: praise God, who created the universe with the power of His voice!