Saturday, October 29, 2005

Where Is Your Steps of Faith Taking You?

I usually post my blogs in the morning, so I can make sure I don't miss my day. Not today though. Today, I spent most of the day working on my newest novel "Arms of Deliverance" that is due to my publisher on November 1.

And as I thought about what to blog, I realized the best thing I could share is the note I wrote to a few friends, just yesterday.

Hi, friends, this is a verse I read this morning that I wanted to share with you:

"And as they went, their leprosy disappeared." Luke 17:14

One thing popped into my mind today as I read this. With three days left and 10,000 words to go in my World War II novel:

"And as she typed, the story appeared."

I don't know how to explain it, but over this past month, I've literally seen the story "appearing" and unfolding before my eyes. For example, just last night I was trying to figure out the name of the baby born to my Jewess. Before she turns him over to others to care for him and raise him, she would name him after . . . (yes, that's it) her father who she loved so much.

What was her father's name again??? Then I remembered: Samuel. I was floored as I thought about Samuel in the Bible and his mother's sacrifice. I hadn't made the connection the whole time I was writing this novel. And when it hit me, I literally stared up at the ceiling, lifted my hands in praise and said, "Whoa, God, you are goooood!"

So, as I type, this book will continue to unfold. That's good, because I don't know the climax yet! Okay, I have an idea, but the specifics on what's exactly going to happen is beyond me!

I wrote that note yesterday morning, and since that time, I've written 9,435 words and typed THE END just five minutes ago. The climax came to me (God dropped it in my head) less than an hour after I wrote that note to my friends. And I have to admit, it's good. Really good.

God did it again! Just as the lepers didn't see their healing until they walked . . . I couldn't see my completed story. Yet, I set out in faith just as they had.

Is there something in your life you need faith to accomplish? Sometimes God hits us and BAM the answer is there, but sometimes we need to put feet to our faith (or in my case as I type, fingers to my faith) and set out.

So, how about you? Where are you headed?


Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Congratulations Tricia! What an accomplishment!!

CountryGoalie said...

Congrats! I must poke one thing, though. Should the title be "Where Are Your Steps of Faith Taking You?" or "Where Is Your Step of Faith Taking You?" instead of "Where Is Your Steps of Faith Taking You?"

I'm sory to have to point that out. I just have a tendency to pick apart grammar, and it looked like an error to me. I'm not trying to insult anyone here - I just thought I'd point it out to you in case you wished to fix it.

T. Suzanne Eller said...

Nice, Tricia. : )