Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Real Life Faith

Sunday was my day to post, but it was impossible as I traveled 12 hours that day from D.C. back to beautiful Oklahoma.

I spoke at a conference called After Eve in McLean, Virginia. I travel a lot to minister and love all the diverse places and people God allows me to experience, but this was the most amazing yet.

It was relevant. The atmosphere was one of hunger and friendship and community. The topics didn't cover external issues, but delved deep into what it meant to live as a biblical young woman in the 21st century.

At one workshop I taught (Where's the Faith?) several university students shared their dilemma.

"I love God and I want to impact my world, but I don't feel God." One young woman broke down in class. "I'm sorry to be so emotional, but if I can't feel God it makes me wonder if I've done something wrong or if he's still there."

Wow. Such a beautiful portrait of real-life faith. I wrapped my arms around this girl afterward and told her that carrying her faith into a new environment was a transition time. She was carving out her own faith, separate from mom and dad and youth group. She was learning to trust him, to turn to him and be honest about her feelings and doubts.

"Sis, your faith is powerful," I told her. "Watching you profess how much you love God, and yet how much you desire his presence and want to make an impact on your world, that's a beautiful thing."

I assured her that God hadn't abandoned her. Her heart was SO in the right place and it was a season of growing spiritually as a young woman flying solo in her faith. She cried as she received that affirmation. I felt God just wrapping her in a cocoon of encouragement.

Once again I am reminded of the struggles, victories, and even doubts that the real-life (NT) disciples faced. Are we any different? No, we are modern-day followers of Christ. God's not afraid of your honesty when you rip the mask off and say, "hey God, I'm struggling here and just want to be real with you about it."

Being real. Loving God even when the feelings dip low. Trusting that God is in control. Having a desire to impact the world around you.

That's faith in action.

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