Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hijacked Holy Days

Well, its that time of year again. It comes twice a year and this year you better watch out. I am talking about the Christian Holy Days. Christmas, once held dear as the day of the Savior's birth, has morphed into the strange tale of an obese slave driver of elves who is able to not only observe you at all times, but invades your home at will. Yes, he brings presents for the good children, but those little ones who haven't played nice all year (or, perhaps, dared to pray in school) get coal.

And it amazes me how Jesus laying down his life on the cross and resurrecting himself three days later was sanitized into a visit from a large, wandering rabbit who drops off eggs and candy. And people say the immaculate conception is just not believable?

We have allowed those who are not even of our religion or, even worse, who hate our religion to redefine the Holy Days for us and the rest of the world. Children visit Santa at the mall instead of pray to Christ in church. They search for Easter eggs instead of the meaning of the Resurrection. Our children are banned from singing "Silent Night" and we can't say "Merry Christmas" at work because it may offend someone. Isn't that kind of like crashing a birthday party and kicking the birthday boy to the curb while you enjoy his cake and gifts?

How about I AM OFFENDED! How about I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS at CHRISTMAS time, I want to hear CHRISTMAS music, go to CHRISTMAS sales and I want to call it CHRISTMAS break, not winter break. How about YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF OUR HOLIDAYS!

Or perhaps we should test just how tolerant the offended would be if we did the same to them. Why not join the celebration of Ramadan with month long eating contests? Maybe we could make up a story about a dreidel spinning master named Chanuka Harry and we could hold worldwide dreidel competitions? Perhaps the Hindus would enjoy us bar-b-qing some juicy burgers outside their temples? The opportunity for offense is limitless.

Why is it only Christians, the very ones who founded this country and made it safe for everyone to practice their religions, who have to tolerate a hostile takeover of their religion? I say it is time to take back your Holy Days.

It is time to celebrate CHRISTMAS in church with a nativity scene. I say we remember the Savior's sacrifice on the cross and rejoice in his victory over it. And to anyone who has a problem with the intolerant fanatics who have the nerve to want two Holy Days a year where WE, THE CHRISTIANS, get to decide how to celebrate OUR HOLY DAYS....why don't you just thank us for the sales, the great decorations and the excuse for an adult to wear a bunny suit and respect our Freedom of Religion. Especially since we gave it to you.


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Dorian said...

Sorry, must disagree with you on that just a tiny bit. Check your history records. Jesus of Nazareth was born during the spring time, tax time, of the Roman Empire. Christmas was a celibration on the Winter Solstice, and gifts were given out to families. Some areas the gifts were left in the wooden clogs that children left outside the front door. Mainly these gifts involved extra food for those families whose harvest were pore. Pope Julius set the "official" birthday of Jesus of Nazareth to the 25th of December on the Julian calendar. You must remember that the "pagan" calendar has 13 months to coinside with the moon's lunar cycle of waxing and wanning. I am sorry if this comment offends you. Yet, as a Unitarian Minister, and something of a theologian, I felt that I should point that out. Again, I apologize if my comments and opinions have offended you.
On another note, love the Dragonspell and Dragonquest novels, can't wait for the next one.
Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, and have a wonderful New Year!