Monday, December 12, 2005

Soap up and Shut up

I saw the ad for the waterproof radio and thought, "Wow! I'd LOVE that!" But then I thought about the hype and noise that would mar the one ritual in my day that guarantees quiet. The body needs a daily quota of rest and food; the soul needs a daily quota of entertainment-free silence. Especially the teenaged soul, which gets even less than the adult RDA, thanks to school. Tongue in cheek, the late Mike Yaconelli gave this advice to people who love teens (like me):
Hey, kids today are MTV kids! They can’t sit still for any length of time. Silence, solitude, prayer, meditation, fasting? All totally lame in the eyes of this generation! Nope, keep ’em busy, active, noisy, and shuttling from one Christian rock concert to another. Fill every moment of your program with something to do—otherwise you’ll lose their attention (which would be disastrous because then they’d have to pay attention to God and their souls.)
Our souls are starved for down time that doesn't involve noise, and sometimes a long, hot QUIET shower is the only way to get a fix.


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