Monday, December 05, 2005



A few years ago the initials WWJD swept the Christian culture. Unfortunately it sold a lot of T-shirts and wristbands, but didn't make much of an impact otherwise.

And yet it is still a great question to ask.

A good friend called me today and he wanted to know what to do for a friend. His heart was in the right place, but listening to him I realized that his methods were askew. Dangerous even.

I gently asked him, "when you search out the New Testament, do you see a model for that approach? Is it the right thing to do?"

After thinking, his answer was "no". He decided that getting alone with God was the first thing that he needed in this situation. You see, he was going by feelings. The decisions and plans he was making had very little to do with biblical wisdom, but rather an impulsive move because it felt "right".

Feelings are great, but they can also be misleading. You may never catch me wearing a WWJD T-shirt, but I hope that the question is imprinted on my heart.


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Samantha said...

A teacher I had in middle school who led me to become a Christian struck me with a phrase similar to that. We were talking at one of my down points and I was just mad at the world (okay, so it wasn't put that nicely) and she said "Would you say that if Jesus were next to you" and naturally my answer was no and she said "Surprise, he is" and that's just stuck with more than WWJD, it reminds me to hold my tongue, which will lead to more Jesus like actions.

God bless,