Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"The Best Time to Write Is In the Morning"

Here's the next in my series of posts on Truths and Myths about writing. Each time I post, I'll start with a truth or myth about the writing life, the publishing industry, etc. Hopefully you'll enjoy some of these secrets, tips and tricks.

So let #2 is "The best time to write is in the morning." What do you think? Is that a truth or a myth?

Well, I don't think this one is too hard. I say that's a MYTH. But it's certainly something important to consider, as I've heard people declare this many times from a platform or the front of a classroom. Why are people emphatic about saying such things? Because it works for them.

The truth is, when you work best depends on the writer. Some of us are morning people. Others of us are night owls. Others of us have spouses at work and kids at school and about the only time we can write is in the middle of the day.

The secret is to find the best time to write for you. For me, it's between 10:30am-2:30pm each day. Those four hours I get my most work done. My attitude is the most hopeful, my brain is the most creative and I get a short break for lunch right in the middle of it. :)

So don't let anyone tell you what your best time for writing should it for yourself. Then, when that time hits each day, don't let anything interrupt it! That is your prime time and you must guard it like a rabid dog. :)

Until next time--enjoy writing!


Christopher Maselli

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

Thanks for posting that - I believe that you are right on the money. Everyone is different. Some people's brains just don't function as well in the morning. Some people's brains do. Thanks again!