Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dreams and Dream Stealers

Tonight I listened to a beautiful young woman talk about her dreams. She's on her way to graduate school. She's working interim with the Department of Human Services, making a difference in the lives of children. She's always wanted to be a counselor. One day she will achieve that goal, those hopes.

I listened to another girl today. A girl I believe in. A girl for which I fear.

Why? Because she's lost sight of her dreams.

She's had to work hard to dream those dreams. Her mom has battled drugs her whole life. Her step-father committed suicide. Her dad is sometimes in her life, but mostly not.

In spite of her challenges, she's got so much going on. She's fun. She's talented. She can draw. She writes songs that I think are amazing. She plays the guitar. She's a good friend.

She loves God.
Sometimes she hates him.

In that struggle she turns to other things. Things that robbed her mom of her dreams. She turns to people who really don't care for her, who drag her down emotionally and spiritually, but say all the right things, helping her forget her pain for a moment. She turns to sex coz it makes her feel loved, all wrapped up in a man's arms, though she's only a young girl. She turns to drugs coz it takes away the pain, though not long enough and nothings solved once it ebbs.

I wish she could see how unoriginal the enemy is, and how he tosses out a tattered blueprint for her life -- follow this, it worked for others, now it will work for you.

She's holding a hand-me-down destiny, when God wants to dream with her.

I talked with her today, and told her about the dream stealer. I don't know if she'll listen. I pray she does because the blueprint for her life is far greater than the one she's following at the moment.

Will you pray for my friend?



b said...

I will be praying, Suzie.

Thank you for your blog.

T. Suzanne Eller said...

Thanks, B.

I talked with her today. She's absolutely sure that no one cares, but I believe in this beautiful young woman.


Maddee said...

Please tell her that others do care and will be praying for her to pursue her dreams.

MS said...

i'll pray too ... :)