Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I can remember my father telling me that white is the absence of all color. I can remember doubting him, probably for the first time in my life. After all, Daddy was the hero of my young world, and what he said was law. Isn't it ironic that I first doubted him when the statement he made was true? Quite often people are given the truth in plain simple terms, and they can't believe it.
White plays a big part in our religious concepts. We think of angels as dressed in white. God promises to wash away our sins so we are whiter than snow.
In our society, white is a symbol of light, purity, goodness, innocence, cleanliness, and perfection. In heraldry, white represents purity and faith.
The most astonishing repetitive use of white in the Bible is in Revelation. Go to and enter white in the search window. Then read the Revelation entries.
The simple truth is the best garment we will ever wear is white, and it is not of our own making, but a gift from the Son of the Father. Amazing that so many people in our harried world do not believe.

And on a personal note: Welcome to the blog, Julie Garmon. I think you have landed in the right spot for your first blog experience.

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