Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I almost forgot to blog today! Seriously. Today is the release of my third fantasy and I have been visiting blogs that are doing a feature on me and the book for three days. Finally, a light bulb came on over my head. Today is MY blog day.
If you would like to visit and see what all the hoopla is about, here is the link for the first http://rebeccaluellamiller.wordpress.com/
You can link to 15 others from there. I would appreciate if you would zip by since these people are being so very kind to me.

Now, I have a story to tell you, and you mustn't accuse me of bragging too loudly after you read it.
DragonKnight released today and for two days has been at the number one spot at Christianbook.com fantasy/sci-fi bestseller list. Today it is number three.

For this week I will feel like a "real" author. I have booksignings and internet interviews and yesterday a reader recognized me while I was shopping at Walmart.
In the produce aisle, next to the organic veggies, I heard a gasp. "You're that author, aren't you?"
Never quick to acknowledge I am "that" author, I answered, "I am an author."
"You spoke at the classical academy, right?"
Since I did speak at the classical academy, I relaxed. Perhaps I am "that" author.
I smiled a gracious, author-being-recognized smile. "Yes,"
Another gasp. (Really this is equal parts embarrassing and great for my ego.) "You were great. The kid's even listened to you."
A look of bewilderment crosses the face of this fantastic fan. She placed both hands to her face, flat palms squeezing her cheeks. "I don't remember your name."
*sigh* That's all right. One can expect only so much awe and admiration at Walmart's. I told her my name, gave her my bookmark (The shiny new one of the book that came out today), and picked out a head of lettuce.
Guess I'm not forced to shop in sunglasses, scarved, and disguised yet.


Mirtika said...

Well, I ordered my copy of DragonKnight today, so expect those amazon rankings to improve, too. :D


Becky said...

Great story! What a ride--recognized and forgotten all at once. :-)

Thanks, Donita, for including the link to the Christian SF/Fantasy Blog Tour Group--it really is a fun event.


b said...

Yay for DragonKnight!
I can't wait to get it.
Your other two books were wonderful - I can only hope this will be even better!

Thanks for your wonderful books.

Julie Garmon said...

Thanks for sharing your great news! Yeah for you! I'll check it out now.