Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thought life

Hi friends,
Just let me say that I am no expert with anorexia. I'm a mom who saw it nearly destroy my daughter. She was dying because she believed lies about herself. If my post triggers something that makes you think you might be dealing with this, GET HELP NOW.

What I learned from our experience is how powerful our thoughts are. They can tear down or they can build up. Thoughts create emotions. One tiny idea, one suggestion of a thought, can destroy us if we allow it to. For 16 months Katie believed lies about herself. Not one good thought went through her head.

Let me tell you some lies we sometimes fall for:
You've screwed up so bad nobody (especially God) can ever love you.
You're a loser.
You have no friends.
Nobody cares about you.
Don't ever trust anybody again.
You're damaged goods.
Give up.
You'll never amount to anything.

Pain. Getting hurt. Life. They can trigger some pretty rough lies that we can start to believe about ourselves. But the Bible tells us to guard our thoughts. Guard our minds. The evil one is always working to pull us down. But he can't change how God sees us. I remember praying for Katie that day. As soon as I said the words, "Katie, you're a child of God. You belong to Him," I felt it deep within me. I knew I was speaking truth over her. Probably the first words from God she'd heard in a long time.

We gottta begin to believe truth, speak truth, out loud if we have to, about who we are in Christ. We are dearly loved. We are beautiful in His sight. He died for us. We are beatifully and wonderfully made. We are forgiven. We can be made whole.

Fighting negative thoughts is a daily thing for me. It has to be. I know what I'm like when I start to believe lies about myself....(more later on that).


Much love,


PalmTreeChick said...

I took a great seminar on how your thoughts, both subconscious and conscious thoughts create the life that you want.

(I'm not an actor and I got so much out of it. I'm just not putting it to use like I should be)

Julie Garmon said...

Thanks Palm Tree Chick. I'll check it out!