Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Forks in the Road

Life is a series of decisions. When you're a small kid or even a teen, a lot of these are made for you: where you live, what school you attend, etc. But during the teen years, the balance of decision making shifts significantly. More and more you have a major say in what comes next, and sometimes the pressure can be overwhelming. Which college to attend? What career to pursue? Whom to date? Whom to marry? Where to live?

When I was a teen, I imagined the day would arrive when I'd graduated from college, gotten married, started a family, and I would settle into a nice cozy house situated at the end of decision-making road. I would have found my place and purpose, and the rest would just be living.

'Fraid not. My youngest child is 21, and I'm still traveling on a road with lots of forks in it. I still have to make decisions that can seem overwhelming in their importance. What if a wrong turn takes me away from God's plan, and there's no turning back?

It's a scary thought until I remember the truth: God wants me to find His will even more than I want to find it. He created me for His purposes, and He is able to keep me on His path. If I make a wrong turn, God can redeem my mistakes and get me back on track. He is sovereign. He is almighty. And He loves me.

Do you have some important decisions facing you, and you're not sure what to do? Pray. Read the Bible (it's full of wisdom and God's promises to lead you). Talk to your parents or pastor or someone wise that you trust. Then believe that God will lead you to the right choice. He is faithful.

Life is a series of decisions, but you don't walk alone. God walks beside you and holds your hand.

Let us know if you'd like prayer concerning decisions in your life. We'd be honored to pray with you.

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