Saturday, August 26, 2006

Deepest Wants

Today, I was thinking about Hannah who is in the Old Testament. Hannah was heartbroken and desperate. Her heart ached because more than anything she wanted a son, but her womb was barren. Hannah’s story is one of brokenness before the Lord. She cried out to Him through tears. Have you ever wanted something so badly that you prayed about it everyday and literally cried out to God for an answer? If you answered yes, you will relate to Hannah.

Hannah was barren. She couldn’t bare children. What is your barrenness? Is it a broken marriage between your parents? A broken heart? Sickness? Finances? A lack of attention? Friendships? Not being accepted at school? I want to encourage you to bring it to God just like Hannah did. The Bible says that she “poured out her soul before the Lord.” (1Sam. 1:6) She prayed to God every time the thought came to mind. She fervently asked God to give her a son. God heard Hannah’s cries. He was present in her barrenness. In His timing, He answered her cries and provided her a son. First Samuel 1:20 says she exclaimed of her newborn son, Samuel, “I have asked him from the Lord.” Not only did Hannah give us an example of a prayer warrior, but she showed us what it is like to remain faithful. Hannah remained faithful to the Lord even when He hadn’t answered her prayers.

God is ever present in your barrenness. And just like Hannah, He wants to do more than you could imagine. Cry out to Him. The Bible says that He puts our tears in a bottle. (Psalm 56:8) God promises to meet you in your most desperate moments.



Erin said...

An appeal to all of you kind ladies here at Girls God and the Good Life:

Please pray for me and my family right now. Pray HARD.

Thank you.


Sarah Bragg said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for letting us know...we are praying!


b said...

Erin - you have been in my prayers lately. Any particular Scripture that you would like me to pray for you? May Christ bless your family.