Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oprah's Recent Show

When it comes to TV talk shows, I usually watch Regis and Kelly. I love that show mostly because that would be my dream job. I don't think that I have ever watched a full episode of Oprah until yesterday. I had seen a preview of yesterday's show so I set my TIVO to record it.

The show was about young women being obsessed with their looks and bodies. I have an interest in that topic since my new book is about just that, but also because I used to struggle with body image so intensely. The first two women on the show had daughters that were three and four years old. Their daughters were obsessed with being beautiful and not being fat. These girls weren't even in kindergarten! I believe that their mother's are the reason why they think this way at this age. I think that mother's do not realize the influence they have on their daughters. The mothers had issues with their body image and it was being manifested to the extreme in their daughters.

My heart really broke when a teenage girl told her story. She wept as she spoke of her dislike for her body and face. I cried along with her. This was a beautiful girl by the world's standards, but see was disgusted with the mirror. She couldn't even see the beauty on the inside.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What is it that is in us that makes us long to be beautiful? Why is it that we are never satisfied with what we see? Has your mom been an influence (good or bad) in the way you view yourself?

Much love,


Erin said...

I've never struggled a ton with body image. I'm pretty happy with the way I look. Of course, I have my days (who doesn't?) where I wish I could look different! I know I don't have a perfect Hollywood look! But I can be OK with that, for the most part. ;)

Someone once told me this advice, and it's helped me quite a bit: when someone gives you a compliment about the way you look, don't just shrug it off or say, "No I don't!" Say thanks because, whether you want to believe it or not, the person most likely means what they're saying. And it makes you feel better, too!

And I can say that my mom has definitely been a positive influence in my dealings with this.

Sarah Bragg said...

Hi Erin!

Thanks for your comments! I am so glad that you not really struggle with your body image! You received great advice. I watch so many girls strug off complements. You are so right!


samantha said...

I struggle with my weight.. but a lot of my friends do. I'm a healthy 150 (still seems big!) and I've learned to let a lot of stuff go.. and dress so it flatters me (modestly, of course) I don't go to as many extremes as most girls.. you don't want to know how long I can go with out shaving my legs! (Maybe I should erase that.) And I don't OD on the makeup every morning.
It sounds like a cliche.. and it is, but true beauty does come from the inside!!!
And doesn't that DOVE commercial make you cry? It made me, at least.

Sarah Bragg said...


I applaud you for being who you are. It is about what is on the inside. Our "inside" is our artwork, but so many times I want to put emphasis on the frame.