Thursday, August 10, 2006

Watch out!

This is going to sound creepy. It's true. When it happened, I couldn't wait to blog about it.

We live on seven acres in the woods and are surrounded by nature. A few Saturday mornings ago I went out to the garage for dogfood to feed Cooper, our black Lab. My husband has some unusual hobbies. One of them is raising parakeets. The baby parakeets live in the garage until he moves them to an outdoor gazebo. He heats the gazebo in the winter. It never gets too hot for the birds in the summer.

Anyway, I opened the garage door and scooped the dogfood. For a split second I had the impression of something not being quite right in the garage. Sort of like chill bumps but it was in July. Maybe a writer's instinct--I don't know. I forgot about it and went on about my Saturday stuff.

Later, my husband brought out a huge black snake from the garage. The snake had slithered in and had eaten three of his parakeets. Mr. Snake was coiled up behind the cages. Rick killed the snake. (It's the second one we've found in a year. The first one was in our kitchen pantry and bit his hand several times as he removed it.)

Here's why I'm sharing this. Right after it happened I thought of that scripture, John 10:10. That verse shows us that the evil one comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Satan doesn't play fair. The evil one doesn't looks like a snake. He's sneaky. He's sly. His destructive ways don't appear to be trouble at first.

I believe we each have at least one area of weakness--and the enemy tries to worm his way in through our weaknesses. My biggie is fear and worry. Others might struggle with drugs, lust, jealousy, power, anger and so on.

Be on the lookout. But never forget who's our Defender. ♥God. ♥And He's a whisper away.

My love,


Samantha said...

Reminds me of when I was about 3 years old in one of the many houses we lived in (I can't remember which) and my dad was mowing the lawn and I was playing the yard, this was a residential area too. My dad saw me holding a snake by the tail, he says it was about 5 feet long. Anyway, as I'm still here you can tell my got me away from it ;)

Dionna Sanchez said...

Yes - Satan is a snake. He knows just when to slide in where we aren't looking.

Julie Garmon said...

Hey, Samantha. I don't really have a big fear of snakes--even after finding two so close by. So glad your dad was there to help you!!

I totally agree, Dionna. Thanks for commenting.