Monday, September 11, 2006


I read a blog today that suggested that the people in Flight 93 weren't really heroes. His thinking was that "they were going to die anyway, so they were thinking about self-survival rather than saving another building".

I have to disagree.

I watched on TV today as a few gathered around a field to honor the dead of Flight 93. I could only imagine how many more mourners there would be if that airplane had flown into yet another building.

What is a hero? It is someone who does what is necessary and what is right even in the face of fear or opposition.

The passengers on Flight 93 had received the news of the tower bombings. They knew they were part of the plot to harm not only them, but thousands of others. They could have spent their last moments rooted in fear, but instead they went into action.

What do you think? Who is your hero in this tragedy? And are you praying for our nation, our president, and for the citizens -- like you and me -- that we will keep our heart and mind on what is important?

I'd love to hear your thoughts today.


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