Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All Grown Up?

It's weird. I always thought that when I grew up I wouldn't be afraid of anything. I remember trying to sleep as a child and having my mental worry list handy. If I had 20 things on my list and could only think of 19, I'd worry about that last thing I'd forgotten.

I'd worry like this: Did I get every single bit of my homework done? What if I oversleep and miss the bus? How will I ever get that term paper ready? What if I don't!

This Thursday I fly to Texas. I'm to teach "How to Write with Heart" at a writing convention. If I let myself, I could get awfully busy with a worry list. Each time the worries try and creep in, I'm fighting them with Truth.

Like, I have a horrible sense of direction. If I use the restroom in a restaurant I have a hard time finding my way back to the table. So....my worries are trying to take over about getting lost. They want me to stress about getting lost in the Dallas Airport. (I'm flying out of Atlanta.) But I know that, "Perfect love casts out all fear." And I'm believing God will have people there to help me when I need them. Surely He knows the way around the Dallas Airport.

Next, my worries want me to obsess about this--what if I get so nervous I can't think straight while I'm teaching? What if my hands shake? But then I remember that, "Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world."

One on one, I'm fine. But sometimes in a large group of people, I get scared. God says, "I will go before you and make rough places smooth. I will never leave you or forsake you."

I can't find a worry that He's not strong enough to handle.

Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You are my Defender. My Deliverer. My Redeemer. My Friend. My Peace. My All-in-All. My Source. My Strong Tower. My Teacher. My Comforter.

Love to everyone today and let's give God our worries. He's SO willing to help.


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