Friday, September 15, 2006

Girls Gone Bad -- Techno Trouble

Last night I watched a documentary about girls and the Internet.

Several girls from 13 to 17 were used in a "social experiment". They were separated in small groups and given all the techno tools they could possible want and then allowed to interact.

It turned ugly. Before long text messaging, websites such as MySpace, webcams, and more were used to bully or target other girls. They made fun of the way they dressed or the makeup they wore.

Others posted pictures and messages and rumors and it got really ugly.

These girls were strangers to each other, but it was as if all social boundaries were dropped, and no one cared what was said -- until someone said something to them.

I have a Myspace and a Xanga. Why? Because I minister to teens and it's an amazing way to stay connected with teens and with my friends from the past.

But sometimes I go to a girl's site and I'm sad because I see a whole different side of them. Recently I went to a girl's site to leave a comment and the pics there blew me away. It was dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.

They brought this up on the documentary. You can be anything you want to be on the 'net. That is why so many girls are not only using the 'net and cell phones to bully each other, but why many girls are posting sexxxy videos and pics on Myspace, Facebook, Xanga, and other sites and mom and dad have no clue.

Maybe it's time that we talked about this.

It's NOT COOL. Posting sexy pics is dangerous because the guys who show up because you're posting those pics are there for the wrong reason. There are pervs who are into young girls and that is scary.

The 15 minutes of fame that you receive is for all the wrong reasons.

And it's NOT COOL to use the 'net to hurt other people. It's not right for people to damage someone's reputation or make their life miserable.

I love the Internet. As a writer, it's an amazing resource. But I believe that the enemy (satan) is trying to harm beautiful young girls, and that's not what God intended --ever.

T. Suzanne Eller (Suzie), author of Real Teens, Real Stories, Real Life

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MAS said...

This is the truth -- my pastors (all of them) are in agreement on this subject. Many Christians (and not just youth) in the church don't use Myspace/Facebook for God's glory.