Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Homecoming Crown

This time of year makes me think of football games, and cheering for our school team, and homecoming. I went to a small high school with only about two hundred kids. And while my friend, Janie was nominated as a homecoming princess four times I never was. Not once. Ever. Not that it bothered me at all. (Okay, I'm lying, cause it really did.)

It's hard not being the one picked. Not being the prettiest or the most popular. Looking back it's easy to see why Janie was picked so often. She was pretty but never really dated. She was everybody's friend, without being exclusively paired up with one person.

My life was different. I had a steady boyfriend from the summer before my Freshman year on. As soon as I'd break up with one, I'd hook up with another. And I soon discovered that being connected with one other person seriously keeps you from having time to get to know very many people well.

I'd like to say that the type of comparisons I had with Janie stopped when I got older, but daily there is always things I compare myself with--how my friends look, how they cook, how many books they sell. It's then I have to go back to my Father God and be reminded how much I am adored for just being me. He adores me even though I was never a homecoming princess. He loves me even though I don't make pies from scratch or keep a perfectly clean house. He really does!

And He loves you too. Just like you are. And some day He has a crown waiting for you that is far more beautiful than any tiara. It will be a Homecoming Crown you'll never forget.

Imagine that.

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