Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life on Hold

This summer has been strange for me. We were on a medical journey to uncover just what it was that was sapping my energy and keeping my mind in a muddle. Don't say old age! We considered early senility, but nah! Even with all the gray hair, no one was buying that.

So the medical detectives finally figured it out. On August 15th, I got a diagnosis of uterine cancer. On August 21st I had a hysterectomy.
The good news is they got all the cancer, and I am not even going to have chemo.
The good news is also that I had cancer (or knew about it) for only 6 days.
It was long enough to feel the hand of the BIG C touch my life. And it was reassuring to feel God's hand equally touching, no not just touching, but shielding, my life.

Six days is long enough to have cancer. It was six days that brought me back to my Savior's throne, recognizing His sovereign control over my life. Six days that reminded me of how blessed I am by family and friends. Six days to rededicate my days as HIS, whether they be few or plenty.

Do something for me. Make a C by curving one hand's fingers into the shape of the letter and look through that at the things you can see right from where you are sitting.

Cancer could take all that away. But suppose that C stood for Christ. You might still lose all that you can see with your eyes, but Christ promises us something beyond what we see.

It is a good deal to have God with you, especially in any crisis.

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