Saturday, October 07, 2006

That "ONE"

As my husband and I drove home tonight we talked about "us".

"What if you hadn't went to college?" I asked. "Would we have met?"

"I'm sure we would," he said. "We were meant to be together. I know that God brought you into my life."

Right now you might have one of two reactions: Ewww. Or, hmm sweet.

Is God a puppet master in the sky, turning and twisting our paths to meet people, to find the next footprint in our destiny, or do we just tumble in and out of each other's lives by accident?

I believe it is somewhere in the middle. I think that he gives us clear direction on what to look for in a mate. I think he paints a beautiful picture of marriage and relationships. And then he gives us the ability to choose.

When Richard came my way, he fit the portrait of a godly man--not just on the outside, but inside. He also had "fruits" in his life like integrity, compassion, gentleness, and more.

As the years have passed, the exterior for both of us has changed. We've gotten older. I've had babies and my body has changed (Eww, again). But those characteristics that were present the first time I met him have only deepened.

So, whether it was destiny or whether it was choosing a mate that was a good man, a kind man, a generous man, a man that truly loved God. . .

I'm thankful.

Choose carefully, girls. Go deeper than just the surface. Choose someone that you can wake up with 25 years from now and still love, and be happy together even with the bumps and jolts that come with life. Maybe one day he'll look deep into your eyes on a clear fall night and say. . .

"we were meant to be."

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