Friday, November 10, 2006

Girl time

I had a date with a girlfriend today. No, there is nothing kinky between us, but I maintain that it is necessary to have some time with a person of the same sex to hone our perceptions of things.
First I had a dressing change for my wound that resulted from the infected incision for the hysterectomy. Believe me, this is not pleasant.
So it was wonderful to have my friend call me three times while the procedure was taking place. *very big grin*
First she called to have me remind her where the restaurant where we were getting Chinese take-out was located. Then she called me to ask me what kind of soup I want. (I got egg-drop.) Last she called me for directions to my house because she had never come from that direction before.
Each time she called, I heard behind the mundane need for information, the cheerful anticipation of some time together.
The home nurse left after doing her magic on my big owie. Then my friend arrived. We ate Chinese. I had ordered chicken and she ordered beef, so we shared and had more than enough and a variety.
I thought about our afternoon and the kind of communication we have. We are both Christians, so when we talk, we mull over problems we are having and what we've seen God do recently.
Later in the day, I was doing some simple things around the house and prayed as I went along. Suddenly it struck me how similar my conversation with God was to my chat with my friend. Oh how comfortble it is to discuss things with God when you do it on a regular basis--mixed in with whatever you are doing. I do pray at times in the stop everything and concentrate manner. But my talks with God are just like my talks with my friend. Even the three phone calls interrupting an unpleasant situation. Man, it is good to have God.


T. Suzanne Eller said...

Love this. Girlfriends are a blessing. Hey, I recommended your books at a conference I spoke at this weekend in Rochester, MN.

Donita K. Paul said...

Thanks, Suzie. I have had a rough time lately getting my head into writing. It helps to know that others enjoy the end product. The process seems laborious. Is that a word?