Sunday, December 31, 2006


I couldn’t help but mention the fact that it is New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe another year has flown by. It has been an exciting year for me. This year, my husband and I bought our first home after being married for 6 months; we both quit our jobs and got new ones (at the same time!); my first book was published! So many dreams came true this year. Goals that I had set for my life were met.

What about you? Where there some goals you had set that were met this year? I kind of hate the pressure around New Year’s for resolutions. When I was in high school, my teachers would force us to come up with three resolutions. All I could think of was losing weight, exercising consistently and reading more. I hated that exercise for some reason. I felt like because I was forced to make the resolutions, they were superficial and meaningless. One thing I had never thought of then was the idea of setting spiritual goals for the New Year. What kind of woman do you want to be by next year? Do you want to be someone who is strong, wise, sensible, pure? Take a little bit of time today and write out some qualities or characteristics of the kind of woman you want to be. Maybe there is a woman in your life that you would love to be like. Think about what you love about that person and write it down. Then, create a New Year’s resolution based on the characteristics you want to be.

This year, I want to be a woman who:
-Diligently discovers God’s Word
-Believes truth even when her feelings scream something different
-Loves and respects her husband
-Treats others with the mercy God has extended her

Dream about the kind of woman you want to be. God promises you a future and a hope, you just have to believe Him. He plans are to prosper, not to harm, and to give you a hope and a future. We are to call upon Him and seek Him. May this year, be an exciting year for you!

Sarah Bragg

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Jenny B. Jones said...

Love the verse reference--that's my life verse. Such a great Scripture for the New Year. Great post!
Happy New Year!