Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good Morning!

Rise and shine, campers! It's Saturday!

So, what are you planning to do today? Surely not sit like a lump in front of your computer all day mindlessly munching Froot Loops until the box is empty. There's no time to waste. Saturday, January 20, 2007 will come only once in your lifetime, so seize the day!

Okay, sorry if that paragraph was a bit too chipper, but I'm serious about grabbing some gusto on this mid-winter weekend. Maybe bundle up in a snug winter coat, get outside, and let the icy air invigorate your lungs. If you have a camera, snap some artistic close-ups of ice-laden twigs or an interesting lamp post. Or, if it's just too cold to go out, get creative inside. Here are a few suggestions:

~ Put on some fun music, grab a partner, and dance. (A "partner" can be a friend, family member, pet, or stuffed animal. He can also be the invisible man--one of my favorites. He never steps on your toes.)

~ Spread out an array of colorful paper, stickers, markers, magazine pictures, or other supplies, and create homemade thank-you notes for the dear people who gave you Christmas presents. (Or just for people who love you. A thank-you for no reason other than "being there" would make someone's day.)

~ Call your granny on the phone and tell her what's going on in your life.

~ Spend some time praying for your friends or anyone you know who's going through a hard time.

~ Snuggle up in a comfy chair with a good book.

Hopefully that's enough to set your creative wheels a-turning. On your marks, get set, GO!

(Come back later and let us know what you did today. I can't wait to hear about your adventures!)


Jenny B. Jones said...

I'm watching the snow NOT come. It's too warm. We went from chances of eight inches (can you say school closing?) to a "dusting." Just had thirty seconds of snowflakes, and I ran out to take a picture. I will now go cry over it... ; )

Erin said...

A good friend and I both turned sixteen this month so today we're having a double birthday party!

Julie Garmon said...

Loved this post! I did something soooo fun today. I went to my first hip-hop high school dance competition.

Cute costumes and lots of good dancin'

♥ Julie

Jeanne Damoff said...

Sorry about the no-show snow, Jennifer. I hope your cry was satisfying. :)

Happy Birthday, Erin! And to your friend, too. I trust the party was a blast.

Julie, I would have LOVED that! Did you know anyone in the competition?

Thanks for sharing, ladies.