Monday, February 19, 2007

Prayin' for my children

If any of you girls have mothers who pray for you, let me tell you. It's something we mamas do every day.

I love to go through my Bible and see verses I've underlined with dates next to them that mean something to me. I can go back and see how God was SO faithful--even when I thought FOR SURE He'd forgotten.
Of my three children, Katie's the hard-headed one. Stubborn. Tough. Independent.

Katie, now 22, played almost every sport in high school. I'm not athletic. I remember getting nervous as she'd step up to the plate playing fastpitch softball. Her coach had her switch from being a right-handed hitter to a left-handed hitter. Becoming a switch hitter gave her an extra couple of steps toward first base. Sometimes she'd have two strikes on her and swap to the other side of the plate. Ahhhhh. I'd sit on the bleachers and whisper, "For by Thee Katie can run upon a troop; And by my God Katie can leap over a wall. Help her, God." (from Ps 18)

Or, as she'd be crouched in the blocks getting ready to sprint at a track meet. I'd say, "He makes Katie's feet like hinds' feet, and sets her upon high places. He trains her hands for battle...Help her run even though her knees hurt. Prepare Katie for battle." (also from Ps 18)
I remember how she pulled away from us at about 18. How she wanted to do things her way. Live life her way. A deep wide distance developed between us. Days went by and we didn't talk. I wondered if we'd ever talk again--the kind of real talking with someone you know and love.
But God's in the business of healing hurts and reconciling people. And He restored us.
Katie married in May of 2006.
Somebody got word to me she was crying before she went down the aisle.
Katie? Crying? Nervous? No way.
I quickly prayed, "God, help her. Be her Strength."
When I saw this picture of her, I got really close and stared. I couldn't believe my tough, stubborn, hard-headed daughter was crying. But there she is, hanging onto her daddy--sort of stuck in that moment before you let go and grow up.
God never forgets those whispered prayers. Even when we doubt, even when our faith is tiny, He still hears. He brings the perfect answer when His time is right.
Anybody need some prayers today?

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