Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Prayers

Have you ever found yourself praying for someone you don't even know? I awoke at 3:00am last night and found myself impressed to pray for someone I have never even met. I know who this person is, but have never met them. I was praying for Britney Spears. Doesn't that seem random? Even though it seems random to me, I think that God thinks otherwise. As I prayed for her, I wondered if anyone else in the world was praying for her. She seems all alone. This is a girl who is crying out for hope. She cries out for someone to help her. I couldn't help but realize that God is the only Someone who can help her and give her hope. Over the years, she has dabbled in different religions searching for something to give her significance. I pray that she finds what she has been searching for in Jesus Christ. Sometimes it takes someone hitting rock bottom before they realize their need for Christ.

God not only loves the "no names", but also the famous. I think that sometimes we think that a famous person has a huge community of friends surrounding them at all times. I wonder if it is the opposite. I think that sometimes God asks a "no name" person like myself and you to intercede on their behalf because they have no one else who will.

Who can you be praying for that needs a Savior? Today, everytime you hear a news report on Britney, pray for her. Let's join together to win more for the Lord.

Sarah Bragg


Jeanette Hanscome said...

Great post, Sarah!

I've found myself praying for Brittany too.


Julie Garmon said...

Me too. I'm praying for Britney.


Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Thanks for helping us remember to love, not hate, those we disagree with.
God Bless,

T. Suzanne Eller said...

Britney is one day younger than my oldest daughter. I think that praying for this beautiful, young mom who is trying to find her way is very appropriate. Thank you for the gentle nudge.


kaysi said...

Absolutely! I recently made a list of various people to pray for each day of the week. I have at least two "celebrities" on each day's list. I thank God there are people like you who recognize "the famous" are people God cares about, too. Thanks for this post, it encouraged me. :)