Friday, February 09, 2007

so many ideas

My husband and I attended a youth leadership conference recently in Chattanooga, TN.

The ideas for a girls' ministry just keep coming to me. I'd like to post these thoughts and see if anybody has comments or other ideas.

1. Start a leadership team to pray/read Bible/have coffee weekly with girls who'd like to lead others.

2. Have a one day event and invite girls from local high schools. This event might include the following things.

3. A female Christian gynecologist and a time for questions and answers.

4. A female Christian counselor.

5. An all-girl band to lead in praise and worship.

6. A hip-hop dance team to dance to Christian songs.

7. Decorate it for teenage girls--not your grandmother's covered dish--have the girls decorate.

8. Interesting way to teach "Who we are in Christ."

9. A video tape made up of high school boys answering questions on the things girls really want to know. Interview guys who say they know Christ. Ask them what they're looking for in life and in a dating relationhip.

10. No judging. All girls are welcome no matter what.

11. Have the girls plan the food.

12. The girls will make up fliers and invite their friends.
13. A female police officer to teach the signs of abusive relationships.

14. The goal? To show that there's a safe place to come and people who care.
15. Provide books that apply to teenage girls written by our blog writers. :-)
Thanks for reading this.


Erin said...

And then, if all the girls seem to enjoy each other's company, it might be fun to have a game night every now and then where you do a talk or something AND play some group games.

Sarah Bragg said...

Those are all great ideas! I used to work full-time as a Minister to Female Students for 4 years at a local church. One time we had a panel of 20 something women who answered questions from the girls. 3 out of 4 women were single and in different careers. I always think it is great for girls to see that God has big plans for them!

Anonymous said...

I sort of expected some comment today on the sad and tragic Anna Nicole Smith story. Hope you have a thought or two.

Julie Garmon said...

Thanks for the great tips Erin and Sarah. I met the girls' minister from Belleview Baptist in Nashville at the youth leaders' conference. Really neat lady!

Dear Charlie, it made me so sad to hear about Anna Nicole's tragic death. Some have speculated that drugs might been involved. There is drug addiction in my own family. I'm praying God will comfort her family through their grief. Thanks for writing about her.


Smart_Pippi said...

Have you every heard of the 30 hour famine? You could get a group of girls together to do the famine. Our church usually does this with the Middle School Kids, and the High School Youth Group runs it, but it could be a great service project.

Julie Garmon said...

Yeah, Smart Pippi, our church did that last year. It was a hit. Thanks for the reminder!