Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Meet my dad, Frank La Chapell. Isn’t he handsome? This picture was taken on his most recent business trip—his first one overseas. The day he left for the airport Mom told me, “Pray for Dad. He really wishes that he didn’t have to go on this trip. Everything is going wrong and it’s going to be nonstop work and stress.”

His first stop? London. Instead of seeing Buckingham Palace and other fun sights, Dad and his coworkers had a nightmare meeting with clients and Dad spent all of his free time in the hotel trying to fix the problem. Talk about depressing!

When Mom told me the news, I almost cried. God, please turn this trip around. Do something to encourage him. Well, God really went all out.

Next stop? Israel! Dad and one of his buddies, who is also a Christian, found themselves with half a day off and were able to take a tour of Jerusalem. Yesterday Dad sent pictures via e-mail, of the Via Delarosa, Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, and other places where Jesus walked. Does he look unhappy or stressed in this photo? No, I’d say he looks pretty content.

It was a tour that never would have happened if work hadn’t sent Dad overseas for a trip that he didn’t want to take. He was overwhelmed by the experience of walking in Jesus’ footsteps. In the process, I was overwhelmed by the reminder of God’s goodness. He knows exactly when and how to lighten our load and give us a gift that wouldn’t have been possible had we not obeyed and taken the plane that we didn’t want the ticket for, let alone a passport.

Thank God for the many times that He has blessed you with something unexpected, at the very moment you needed a boost. When you finish, thank Him in advance for those you are yet to experience.

In His Love and Mine,

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T. Suzanne Eller said...

I think that many times our interruptions or moves are actually the next step in our destinies. I wonder if we could actually see that if we would view those unwanted detours in a whole different light.