Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Behold, a White Horse

This is a crazy story but it happened in Georgia a couple of weeks ago. My daughters, Jamie and Katie, walked nextdoor to lay out by the pool and get some sun. They heard clomping and figured it was me. I stomp when I walk. :-)
They sat up and saw a white horse staring at them over the fence. He just seemed to walk up out of nowhere. Really creepy. The neighbors don't own a horse. Jamie snapped a picture from her cell phone.
I know NOTHING about horses but talked to a smart horse friend. She said even without seeing the picture that the horse is a cremello--meaning a white-cream color with blue eyes. She said the horse isn't a true white horse as mentioned in the Bible in Revelation. She said that Revelation talks about a white horse with the rider on it being called Faithful and True. My friend believes a white horse will usher carry Jesus at the second coming. That horse, she feels, probably won't have blue eyes--that seem to give an eerie look--but dark eyes and be pure white with no cream shading.
My daughters were a little afraid of the horse. They said the clear-blue eyes looked scary.
Sometimes I forget that our God will return, just as He promised.
It will be unexpected like looking over and seeing a horse while you're by the pool.
Usually, that's the way God works in my life. When I've given up and lost hope. Even when I've forgotten about Him.
He rides in.
Let's remember that the Faithful and True One always brings hope. Hope--no matter what. And sometimes He shows up even when you least expect it.

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