Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Pregnant Teen

A senior in high school just announced her pregnancy. She's a strong Christian.

I'm praying for her.

I don't know the perfect words to type into this blog. I know it must be so difficult to be getting ready to leave for college and also pregnant. I can see a hint of sadness in her eyes. But I also see encouragement as her friends love her and don't judge. She had a good check-up with the doctor everything's on schedule--the baby looks good.

Could I ask for prayer for my friend and others in this same situation?

May God bless them and keep them. May He receive glory and honor and praise. I pray my friend will experience His unconditional grace through those around her. Perfect love casts out all fear.



Jeanette Hanscome said...

Thanks for reminding me to pray for hurting girls, Julie.

Please forgive me for stealing your thunder. I posted on the wrong day (I'm usually scheduled for the 5th but for some reason got the 3rd into my head and panicked thinking I had an article due).

Great post!


Julie Garmon said...

Hey Jeannette,

I didn't even notice when you posted. No big deal. This girl is on my mind so much....

Thanks for praying.