Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some Random Facts About Mom

As you know, it’s Mother’s Day (You did remember—right?! If not, there is still time to buy a card or do something nice for your mom, or for another woman in your life who has been like a mother to you). So I thought I’d give a little Random Facts About Mom quiz. Let’s see how well you know the woman who is raising you.

1) When your mom was growing up, what did she want to be?
2) What does she like to do for fun? And no, the answer is NOT making your life miserable.
3) What makes your mom laugh?
4) What makes her cry?
5) Name at least one of her closest friends.
6) When she has time to relax, what does she like to do?
7) In what ways are you like her?
8) What is your mom’s . . .
Favorite movie
Favorite snack
Favorite type of music
Comfort food

Go talk to your mom if you don't know an answer.

And so you can get to know this mom a little bit, here are 8 random facts about Jeanette.

1) I can’t see in color but my favorite color is red (long story).

2) The first book that I learned to read was Ann Likes Red. I carried on the tradition by teaching Nathan to read it. He kept looking at me as if wanting to ask, “Mom, when is this going to get good?”

3) My friend Jennifer and I have known each other since we were 3.

4) I’d rather sing a solo in front of hundreds of people than mingle in a crowd.

5) I am totally addicted to coffee and black licorice (not together).

6) As a teen I wanted to be an actress but I couldn’t handle the rejection so I became a writer instead.

7) When I’m stressed I have dreams that I’m driving and am freaked out because I A) Don’t know how, and B) Don’t have a license and will be in big trouble if I get pulled over. The fact that I can’t see where I’m going doesn’t seem to bother me. I’m just afraid of getting in trouble. Typical me.

8) I’m a little over 5’8” but my son calls me Shortie. That’s because he’s 6’1”.

I tag Tricia and any readers who have ever posted a comment on one of my blogs.

Happy Mothers Day!

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