Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Speaking of camping

So I think it's safe to say that Jenny doesn't like camping. Me, well I like the idea in theory, it's the actually doing it part that seems problematic.

And I blame it on being a girl.

Before we had kids, my hubby and I went on a three WEEK camping trip. Yes, you read that right. Three weeks roaming around Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. It was a fun trip (except for the Utah leg where it was way too hot for my tastes.) We went white water rafting, drove to the top of Pike's Peak and explored the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde. I saw things I never would have seen before.

But in many ways, I did it because my husband loves camping. I mean, loves it. The man willingly goes outside to do...anything that takes place outdoors.

We've talked about going camping lately (since I refused to consider it while the kids were too little). They are older now, and even interested in going. Going camping on your own is one thing, but going camping with three kids is another thing altogether.
You see, I have this thing about hygiene, and making sure they are clean. And I worry about ticks and bugs and sunburns. I would have to plan out and buy everything that we would eat and that just takes a lot of effort. So between my worry and the amount of pre-planning involved, we've just never gotten around to actually doing it.
We spent all day at a state park this weekend. The kids splashed in the river, went fishing and my 4-year old even caught a fish. We went hunting for shark's teeth on "fossil beach" (my hubby found 4) and hiked in the woods. But the coolest part? When we were all done, we came home and I got to take a long, hot shower. I can enjoy nature and all of that, but at the end of the day, that shower is pretty awesome.
I really like hot showers. I mean, a hot shower makes me feel undying gratitude towards God that I live in a time and place where I can enjoy central air and indoor plumbing. And frankly, when I have those things, I'm a much nicer person to be around. If I had to go without all those creature comforts, I would survive. But why go without them if you really don't have to? Go out, enjoy nature, and then come home to that aforementioned shower. It seems like a good plan to me.
So after a very hot, very sandy, very dirty day at the state park, I found myself very grateful. And being grateful to God, even if it is for things like a couch to sit on and a bathroom to get clean in, is always a good thing. We have what we have because of God. And as long as we don't lose sight of the Giver of all things, I think God still loves those of us who prefer to shower every day. And enjoy nature in our own way.
So to Jenny and all you non-campers out there, I say, God still loves you! Excuse me now, though, I'm feeling the need to go and take a shower.

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Jeanne Damoff said...

Ha! Loved Jenny's post, but I literally could have written this one--from the outdoors-loving, shark-teeth finding husband to the extended trip that encompassed Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, Colorado, NM, and Utah (except we already had the three kids at that point), to the hot shower cravings and gratitude for all things luxurious and comfortable.

Like you, I worry about dangerous flora and fauna. Like you, I don't love sweating in a tent or swatting mosquitoes enough to spend hours (yea, days) prepping for the privilege.

My poor husband bears it well. Our beautiful yard is proof that he gets his outdoors fix in other ways. But, given the choice, he'd be out in some wilderness shattering the pre-dawn silence by swinging an ax to chop wood for cooking breakfast over an open fire. Some people were born in the wrong generation, I guess. I'm just not one of them.

Thanks for expressing me so well. :)