Sunday, April 29, 2007

Twelve Years!

Today is my anniversary!! I've been married to the best guy in the world for twelve years now and I fall more in love with him everyday.

It's all because of Jesus.
And I mean that with all my heart.
I used to be one of those girls who thought I'd never find anyone. I never had a boyfriend , or even a date in high school. I had a huge crush in college on one of my closest friends, but he didn't have the same feelings.
I met women who were in their forties still waiting for "the one" and was terrified that would be me.
I met my hubby in the most unlikely of places, but there was no doubt in my mind that God had brought us together. We have a fabulous marriage. He is my best friend.
I wanted to share this because of where most of you are. I figure a lot of you are not married, and many of you dream of finding that guy God has picked just for you. My encouragement is to be patient. Let God be in charge of your love life. Let Him be in control. He knows us so much better than we know ourselves. I am so glad that God didn't give me the guys I thought I liked before! What a mess that would have turned out to be! I am so glad he set me aside so that I would be ready when I met Jeff. We have a great marriage because we both depend on God to work out sin in our own hearts. It's not because we are special, but because God is special. He is the only one who can make a relationship between two sinful people, absolutely wonderful.
So let God lead. You won't regret it:-)


Carrie said...

Thanks for posting this. It's very encouraging to me, a 27-year-old who'd love to be married and is trying to be patient!

cindy said...

wow..thanks for encouragement! :) is hard to believe God sometimes~~~......He promised me that He will give me someone, confirm it again and again. and silly me still able to doubt God. i pray i can have FAITH 100%.