Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's a Dog's Live

I had a particularly trying circumstance to deal with when I was a teen. I had a good home, good parents, school wasn't that bad, and my big brothers were old enough to be out of my hair, mostly. And I had two great friends that lived on the same block, so we didn't even have to ask someone to give us a ride when we wanted to visit.

The problem? Both of my good friends were redheads. No, they didn't have violent tempers. The problem was they were beautiful, slim redheads. I was a dumpy brunette. To add to my misery, both friends had horses. Not right there in the city, but near enough that they went to the stables regularly. I didn't have a horse. And. . . they both had German Shepherds. I had a cat. Remember Fifi?

I knew I would never be allowed to dye my hair red. I knew begging for a horse was beyond ridiculous. But I figured I could worm a German Shepherd out of my parents. No deal. Mom had a bad experience with dogs. Remember Spot?

My older brother was in college and dating his future wife. One of her other boyfriends gave her a purebred dog. A sentimental move designed to win her favor, but totally impractical, since she lived in an apartment. So my brother brought the dog home to stay for the weekend while his girlfriend decided what to do with this adorable but inconvenient gift.

You guessed it. My mom fell in love with the puppy and the memory of Spot finally faded.

Needless to say, the purebred dog was not a regal German Shepherd.

It was a Pekinese. An animated mop. It wasn't even the normal color of a Pekinese. Instead of tan, it was black and white.

My hopes for a German Shepherd were dashed.
The two friends and their splendid canines went to obedience school. My parents said "no way."
They did show me the things they learned, but Sam never looked as dignified as their pooches.
It took a while, but the little black and white Peke stole my heart. He turned out to be smart. He learned all sorts of tricks. And he sat in my lap.
You know what? I needed a dog that would sit in my lap and be cuddled. I needed a dog that loved to be brushed and pampered. Although I thought I got the short end (or a very short dog) of the deal, Sam turned out to be a friend. And hey! I needed a friend when those two gorgeous redheads were at the stables with their very own horses.
God is good----ALL the time.

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