Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Out of the Ash

A couple of months ago I shared that our backyard fence burned down in a neighborhood wildfire. Along with the fence we lost several trees and rosebushes. Or so we thought. If you were to come to my house and look along the fenceless back of the yard (It’s finally being rebuilt today. Yay!), you would see tiny leafy branches breaking the surface of the blackened ground. One has grown into a cute mini rosebush. Another actually budded and produced a few fragrant flowers. Both look healthier than ever, which makes me laugh. Before the fire I tried to uproot one of them—the one that emerged from the ashes complete with blossoms—because it looked so scraggly. I guess I can stop considering what I might plant in place of those lost bushes.

So, along with a reason to praise God for protecting our home, I found a few more gems. Those resurrected bushes will stand as reminders that . . .

1) God can bring beautiful things out of ugly situations.

2) Difficulty may knock us down for awhile but we come back, usually stronger and lovelier than before.

3) The friend who told me that rosebushes can’t be killed no matter how hard you try wasn’t kidding.

I pray that God shows you something amazing today.


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