Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shelley's intro

Hi all! First of all, thanks so much to Sarah Anne, who invited me to join you. This is going to be fun :) You'll hear from me on the 7th and 21st of the month ... which reminds me, did you know that today is the most popular wedding date in the last, oh, 100 years? LOL

To help us get acquainted, here are five things you didn't know about me:

(1) I write chick lit for Christian teens, with the first book (which has the cutest cover EVER) coming out in May 08. Think of these as the Christian answer to Gossip Girl :) My books and I hang out at, which is a work in progress.

(2) I've been to 25 countries ... and I'll be going to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland this fall on a concert tour with a polka band. (Yes, I know, how weird is that. I do not play in the band ... but the whole experience might come in handy in a story someday!)

(3) My house fell down in an earthquake in 1989. But my husband built me a new one--much nicer than the old one. So God was good and it all worked out.

(4) I have a master's degree in writing fiction.

(5) I loooooooooove cosplay. I make historical costumes, such as a Regency gown from 1812, or a late-Victorian ballgown from 1892, for fun. The next project is either one of Arwen Evenstar's gowns from Lord of the Rings (probably the Requiem Gown), or else Elizabeth Swann's gold gown from POTC1. I suppose the deciding factor will be whether I want to make a 1720s corset and pocket hoops. Arwen's underthings aren't quite so complicated!

What about you? Any fellow costumers out there? What kinds of things have you created?
Shelley A.


Erin said...

That IS a very cute cover. :)

Jenny B. Jones said...

Welcome, Shelley. Glad you're here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley!

I can't wait to check out your book when it hits bookstores. I'm looking so forward to that! :-)

I visited your website but couldn't find a link to email you. I think you should put up a link, readers love to connect with writers! ;-)

your friend,


Jeanette Hanscome said...

Welcome to the team Shelley. Love the costume!

A big hug,