Monday, July 16, 2007

Show me the way. . .

Shirin Taber, a 20-something author of Wanting All The Right Things, says, “We need each other more than ever. Many of us grew up as latchkey kids, come from broken homes, or weren’t taught to plan or prioritize for the difficult crossroads we find ourselves facing today. Our baby-boomer mothers and fathers, influenced by the sexual revolution, have in many respects only added to our confusion. They’ve taught us to mistrust men, become economically self-reliant, indulge our anger, and pursue independence—at any cost.”

As I read this, what I heard as a spiritual mom and as someone who works with young women and teens is, "I need someone to show me the way".

Have you ever felt that way? Maybe you have a parent who has shown you how to live, how to run after God. But perhaps you want direction in another area: how to pursue God's will or how to begin a healthy relationship with a guy that will honor God, or how to know where you fit and why.

Or maybe you are trying (and always have) had to fly solo in your faith life.

Who is your mentor? Who do you allow (or ask) to pray for you or to show you how to move past the roadblocks or speedbumps that trip you up?

Just this past week I connected with a woman I respect. She is an author. She has sold a gazillion books. She stopped for a morning and poured into my life, and I realized that I also needed that--someone who has already experienced things I have not, and who will show me what she has learned.

It's scriptural, women of all ages talking with each other about life, love, faith, direction, and more. So I'll ask again:
Who is your mentor? And if you don't have one, are you willing to ask God to show you someone who can encourage you as you run after him?
Let's talk. If you have questions about mentoring or faith, or anything else, I'd love to hear it.

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