Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Be Still

Last Sunday night our youth pastor preached on "Why We Don't Hear From God". One reason he shared that we might not hear God was that we don't listen. Too much stuff gets in the way. We're plugged in to a lot of things, or we talk at God and then walk away.

Afterward I got alone at the altar and sat in the stillness. I pray often, but it had been a long time since I had completely tuned out everything and just listened. And I heard from him. Not out loud, but in my thoughts, over my heart, and in that very quiet, wonderful stillness.

Maybe we all need that much more than we realize. I know I do.

Suz -


Jenny B. Jones said...

Love the cover of your new book. Very eye catching!

Anonymous said...

That's an AWESOME post, Suzie! I LOVED it..all the advances in technology in our world today and what do they provide us with? Just another way to communicate....LOL.