Sunday, August 19, 2007

Look for Love in the RIGHT Place

“Where is the love that can reach the depth of your pain and pull you out, soothe, comfort, and embrace you? Love that is always forgiving, yet revealing; always protecting, never pushing away; always patient, never jealous; always kind, never rude, irritable, or touchy. Where is the love that does not demand its own way and never stops loving even when you do not love in return or when you do wrong? Love that will not hold a grudge or keep a record of your errors or mistakes, but always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.”

Name one person who meets all of these requirements. Like me you’ve probably had your dreams of love disappointed more times than you care to remember, even by those who you thought would never let you down.

The passage above comes from Jannie Wilcoxson’s book Looking for Love in the Wrong Place, a great Bible study that uses the lives of biblical men and women to address our need for love and our heartbreaking tendency to fill the need in ways that lead to disaster. The stories of Jacob, Rachel and Leah, David and his wives Michal, Abigail and Bathsheba, the woman at the well, and others that I have studied since childhood reminded me that, though times have changed drastically in the past couple thousand years, people haven’t. Since creation each man and woman has wanted to be loved. Even those who love God to the core of our souls allow our passions to lead us down the wrong path. Jannie’s book reminded me also that a perfect love is available even as I fill the aches with second-best substitutes. God offers the love that no human can live up to, and His Word is a living reminder of it.

Look for this study on Amazon, through WinePress Publishing, or at your local Christian bookstore. It might be a great one to go through with a mentor, friend, or prayer partner. I hope that you’ll be challenged, as I was, to dig deeper into God’s Word for more messages of His love and faithfulness.

May His love fill you today,


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