Friday, August 03, 2007

Read This Book!

I gotta blog about In Between by Jenny B. Jones.
Let me give you the first paragraph.
"I'm what you call an orphan, I guess. Officially, I'm a ward of the state of Texas. Knowing that your greatest achievement to date is becoming a dependant of an entire state can totally blow a girl's confidence."
Here are some signs that this is a great book:
I'm not Katie Parker's age (our narrator) and I'm rooting for her. Every night, while my husband and son watch ESPN, I read In Between on the sofa. I've gotten to know and love Katie. She's funny. She's real. She's bold. She's honest. I really do laugh out loud. I sigh. I re-read sentences just because they're incredible--sooooo realistic.
I could be Katie's mother and I still am in love with this book.
Good writing does that--it sucks anybody in. Even somebody's mother.
Katie Parker, you are going places girl. I love you!

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