Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Go, Tell It On The Mountain -- You Can Win a Book!

On the Loose hits shelves this week. I know, I know there will be lines and people camping out at midnight Monday night, but please, no fights. And share those candy bars and "waiting-all-night" snacks. It stresses me and J.K. Rowling out when our mobs of eager readers get violent. But we do understand.

So ask your local booksellers if they carry the book. (Say, "You know--On the Loose. By Jenny B. Jones. I think it's up for a Pulitzer? No? Well, all I know is Oprah will NOT leave this poor lady alone.")

Ask your librarians about it. ("You don't have her books? And you call yourselves a library! No, I don't want to read the latest Grisham novel. I want Katie Parker. Is it just me or does this reek of censorship?").

Ask your friend of a friend of a friend of a second-cousin who knows the Wal-Mart or Sam's book buyer ("If you don't stock her books in bulk, I will buy myself a Sam's Choice water and lay down on this floor and scream like a two year old.")

I'm just kidding. You don't have to do alll that! Why? Because you can get a book FREE!!! What a great deal! WHAT do I have to do to get a free book? Well, I'm glad you asked! Just leave a comment on this post with your email addy (to make it complicated, put brackets around the [at] so spam diggers don't get your address), and I'll draw from the tons and tons (humor me) of commenters. We love to read your comments even when we're not bribing you with free stuff!

But bribe I shall.
Hope to send you a book!


Erin said...



Anonymous said...

Good news! I can be bribed! LOL. Not really, but I LOVE this blog...rarely have time to comment. *S-I-G-H*. But I do read this almost everyday.

Anyway, my em*ail add*ress is: diamond -underscore- 1190 -[at]- yahoo -dot- com


Edge said...

Congratulations on Book 2 being published! I look forward to reading it.

Edge (formerly commented under MAS but now have blog of own)

Anonymous said...

hey i can't wait to read it (especially if it's free!)


Jeanette Hanscome said...

Hi Jenny!

Congratulations on your latest book. I know I'm not a teen but I do love spreading the word about great new books. Instead of throwing a fit in Wal-Mart (althought that sounds mighty fun) I'll just do my typical routine:

"I know the author and she's amazing!"

God bless,

(Spammers beware!)

SuseADoodle said...

Maybe I could throw that fit in Wal-Mart anyhow. They really do not carry the right books at all ...

Congrats on the release. And when I win this book (LOL), I'll read it and pass it on to a friend who is a substitute teacher in jr hi and sr hi schools. Then she can pass it on too.

please oh please enter me for the book:

SuseADoodle [at] gmail dot com

rebornbutterfly said...

hopefully i'm not too late!!
i'd really love to read this book!
you can contact me at my shoutlife page...