Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some Godly Fun

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day. We should rally together as a nation and demand we have more three day weekends. Americans are like some of the most productive, hardest working people in the world, according to the news. Is this really an area in which we want to be number one? No!

Let's stop this insanity and be the laziest, most well rested in the world! The people most likely to go to the beach! The nation most likely to work four days a week! The country who purchases the most Hanes sweats! If you're with me, please contact your local congressman or woman and tell them how you really feel. Your couch misses you.

Um...yeah, so obviously I'm a little down in the dumps about having to return to work after a great three day weekend. But I have found one small ray of light in my tiring day. Thought I'd share.

I don't want to like it--in all its cheesy glory--but I do. It's like a happy pill for my back-to-school blues. "NIV with the ribbon bookmark. NIV with the ribbon bookmark..."

"And if you're Catholic, there's even more."
See? It's hard not to like it, right? Kinda like Hannah Montana. Darn you for being so cute and clever!

"She's got good doctrine..." His mad rhymes put me to shame.
Anyway, until we get more three day weekends, it's the small things like this that will see me through.

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Oh my goodness that video made me laugh, making my brother looking at me like i was crazy (I was wearing headphones). I think I am going to have to share this with all my friends! Thanks for posting this!

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Thanks for the happy pill...

Julie Garmon said...

Too funny!!