Sunday, December 02, 2007

Designing T-shirts

I had a t-shirt designing party this afternoon. I had two friends over. One can sketch about anything you ask her to and the other is a computer graphics wiz. So what did I do to contribute to the t-shirt designing party. I was the "Idea Man." In this case, ideal gal.
We were designing t-shirts to promote the books I write. Here are some of the sayings we came up with for the t-shirts.
Poke the magic dragon, and puff will be your name.
Dragons can't help being flighty.
Look wise, say nothing, and eat only those who annoy you.
"Wear pink. It confuses the enemy." -- Lady Allerion
When you're a dragon, trouble comes naturally.

We the t-shirts on . I am so excited. I've written books. Now, I've written t-shirts!

PS: We got carried away. It was more fun than a home shopping party. We made hats and mugs and bags as well as t-shirts.

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